Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Called Fisher-Price for the Second Time

I just got off the phone with Fisher-Price for the second time. I spoke with a women by the name of Diane and she was more helpful and understanding than the employee and supervisor yesterday. I told her that I had not received the e-mail with the prepaid stamp. She verified my e-mail address and the women yesterday had entered the address in wrong. If I had not called again I would have never received the e-mail. Diane said that it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours to receive the e-mail. I still feel this is an urgent matter and if it was important to Fisher-Price the e-mail would be sent right away. If I developed a product that was defective I would want it back ASAP to get the problem resolved to prevent a lawsuit.

Diane was not fully aware of the process of getting a product recalled. However she did say that once the manufacture gets the blue ring and if they determine there is something wrong with it and decide to recall the Rock-a-Stack, customers in their system that have purchased the item would get an e-mail or a call. Not really sure how you get in their system, but at least some people will be notified?

Time will tell if Fisher-Price truly cares about our children.

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