Monday, April 6, 2009

Purchased a Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack for my baby

I purchased a Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack for my 6 month old son on Friday April 3, 2009 from Target. As I do every time I purchase a new toy for my son, I washed and sanitized it. As I was washing the rings, I noticed the water was turning blue. I then looked at my hands and they were stained blue as well. I soon realized that the dye on the blue ring was coming off. I was very upset at first, and then was just grateful that I had washed the toy before giving it to my baby. After scrubbing the blue ring for a couple of minutes there was still blue dye coming off. My hands and arm had blue dye on the that took a couple of days to come off of my skin. The picture to the right was taken after scrubbing my arm with soap.I would have been really upset if I had given the toy to my son before washing it. The paint would have been in his mouth, on his clothes, his blanket and possibly the carpet. What a mess that would have been. plus, who knows if this stuff is toxic or not?! I know that BPA, and lead are allowed in some small amounts in toys, and even those are toxic. So I suspect that this blue dye is toxic too.

I called the 800 number on the bottom of the box to complain to Fisher-Price. But, of course, they are closed on the weekend, so I will call on Monday.

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